Singer of traditional and contemporary folk songs of Britain and Australia - solo acoustic singer, guitar and concertina.

Danny Spooner's passion is the expression of British and Australian culture through folk music.


In recent years he's sung at festivals, clubs and house concerts in Europe, England and Scotland, Canada and the USA. In 2007 and 2011 he was honoured to be invited to work with Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. For 50 years in Australia audiences have enjoyed his concert brackets, workshops and one-man shows, his deep multi-disciplinary understanding of social history, his personal warmth, and his immense repertoire of songs covering the full range of human emotions, endeavours and experiences…  He is a spellbinder.


"I heard a couple of tracks on 3MBS-FM and was transfixed. It's poets like you that we need."

David Conolly, Richmond. Victoria

Summer’s almost over, the heaviest of the festival season with it too.  June and July were quiet but were highlighted by visits from old friends and a couple of new encounters, most notable among them meeting Danny Spooner, a most amazing bloke and great company, not to mention a cracking performer.  We shared a couple of bottles of red on the patio on a balmy July night while sorting out the world’s problems, and I loved it when he brought out the concertina after midnight to entertain the neighbourhood in a mellow, it’s-a-good-world-after-all kind of way.  
He can hang his sarong at our place any time.

George Papavgeris, Herga Folk Club, Harrow, England Sept06

Although I have been hearing good reports of Danny Spooner for many years, this is the first time I have seen and heard him. I realize now what I have been missing all these years. I can also see why his name is held in such high respect by musicians and music-lovers in Geelong and elsewhere. Although we were in a theatre, the atmosphere was more like a house concert . Danny sang either a capella or with concertina or guitar accompaniment. It was a (fairly) acoustic night – a return to the pure sound of the voice and instruments which is so much better for this sort of music… Before each song there was a spoken introduction giving either the history or background and these conversational introductions were every bit as good as the songs themselves. When it came to the choruses … they were joined in with great gusto… The songs covered topics as diverse as romance, working life, poverty, happy times, politics and history, and everything else in between.

Peter A.D.Fogarty, Geelong Folk Club



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